Another Example of “Yes You Can Shoot a Home Invader”

Gilbert Budgell, 55

Here’s the latest Canadian case where a homeowner shot, and killed, an intruder and will not be charged with murder or attempted murder. CBC has the story, via CP:

Gilbert Budgell, a Botwood homeowner who police say shot and killed a man who was invading his home, will not face trial for murder charges.

Crown attorneys have decided not to proceed with a second-degree murder charge against Budgell, citing a low likelihood of securing a conviction.

The charges were formally withdrawn Thursday morning in provincial court in Grand Falls-Windsor, where a preliminary inquiry was set to begin.

Crown attorney Karen O’Reilly said self-defence was always a “live issue that we needed to consider” in the case.

“What we’ve determined is that there is no reasonable likelihood of conviction, that we wouldn’t be able to prove that it wasn’t self-defence,” she told reporters after the short hearing.

Two men entered Budgell’s home on April 9, 2016 in what police described as a home invasion.

Police said one of the men was shot and beaten and eventually died of blunt force trauma to the head, according to O’Reilly. The other man ran away. The RCMP said they haven’t located him and are still looking for information from the public.

According to O’Reilly, the gun used in the incident was a rifle, which Budgell was legally allowed to own.

The Crown didn’t proceed because no jury in Canada will convict a home owner who defends his home. The Crown, the Government and progressives generally hate this fact, but there it is: the jury system is our defence in self-defence.

How Bad Can it Get?

A suspect is in custody and a victim is recovering in hospital in Vancouver following a home invasion that turned into a brutal rape.

Rape suspect arrested in Vancouver home invasion
Rape suspect arrested in Vancouver home invasion

The few facts that have come our so far are disturbing in the extreme. a 25-year old man armed with a weapon entered a home on Hawks St. in the Strathcona neighbourhood just after noon, attacked the woman inside, tied her up and sexually assaulted her. The assailant was unknown to the woman. A Reddit user who witnessed the aftermath of the assault posted that the suspect cut off two of the woman’s fingers and cut her throat, leaving her in “shock and screaming.”

The screams were heard by a passerby who rushed in and forced the attacker to the ground, allowing the victim to escape. Other Good Samaritans came to help and police arrived to take the suspect away.

OK, that’s how bad it can get, but why did it happen at all? Reporters, who do a good job at finding the causes of aircraft accidents, almost never look into the causes of home invasions. Did the victim simply open the door to a knock? Did she leave the door unlocked? What was the means of entry? We don’t know.

However, statistically, the most common cause is the first one. Someone knocks on the door and the occupant opens it. The assailant then pushes in the door and closes it behind him before starting the assault. That’s what probably happened this time.

It would not have happened had the victim installed a security doorstop as described in my book, Home Invasion Prevention (also available as an ebook).

The reason most people don’t do so is that a) they’ve never heard of a security doorstop and b) they don’t think this kind of random assault will ever happen to them. Obvious it can, and did, to the unfortunate woman in Vancouver.

Will Your Front Door Stand Up?

Front doors in most homes have a painted steel facing which gives the impression of strength and security. However, when someone is desperate and determined to get in, most don’t stand a chance.

broken door
Broken front door

This particular front door in Saskatoon was kicked in during a police arrest by the perpetrator, as reported by CTV News.

Note how the steel has broken like a Christmas cookie just below the latch. The story says the home invader did, in fact, gain entry so either this sprang the latch and deadbolt or the bottom half folded-in more than we can see. Either way, it goes to show how useless are most consumer-grade front doors.

If you want to see what this looks like in practice, scan the videos at  One large black intruder kicks a door in facing away from it so fast you can hardly see it even when you’re watching the video. Kickproof has a number of solutions to reinforce your door, all of which are an improvement over what you have now.

A solid wood door is better and a perimeter steel or aluminum beam door is best of all.

You can get these and many more tips in my book Home Invasion Prevention available from in printed or electronic form.

A Group of Four Men Kicked in the Door

What’s the most common, and easiest way to launch a home invasion? You guessed right, the front door. Yesterday, in Regina, Saskatchewan, the bad guys did exactly that.

Officers were dispatched to a home in the 1600 block of Retallack Street just before 6 p.m.

Police say a group of four men kicked in the door of the home and assaulted a man inside with a bladed weapon.

It is astounding how few people understand that a standard exterior door with a consumer-grade deadbolt can be defeated by a single kick. The problem is that the door itself is probably hollow and the striker plate is screwed into a prefabricated piece of flimsy trim.

If you don’t understand what I’m saying, have any young man of your acquaintance try to kick in your front door. Give him 20 dollars if he succeeds on the first kick, ten on the second and a fiver if it takes him three tries. Make sure you have a twenty in your wallet if you do.

The hard facts are that most exterior doors are an open invitation to home invaders.

What you need to do is to double up on your deadbolts and have them go into an “anti-kick strip.” This is a length of flat metal screwed into the stud surrounding the door with openings for the latch and two deadbolts. In addition you should also add reinforcing for the hinge side. A number of companies sell these components as a set, including Door Devil.

Even this, however, isn’t enough because the door itself is a weak point. Try to source a solid wood door, like this “speakeasy” model from Home Depot. This door won’t cave in and provides a covered viewing port to check your visitor before opening the door.

Are we finished yet? No because no matter how good the door, you’ll still need a security doorstop as described in my book, Home Invasion Prevention. Buy the book and get the full story.

You, your wife, and your family will be glad you did if some street thugs decide your home looks inviting.

Here’s Another Reason for a Home Invasion: Because You’re Jewish

The worldwide attack by Muslims against Jews, supported by the Left in Europe, Canada and the United States, has taken a new and disturbing turn. A group of assailants attacked a couple in the Paris suburb of Créteil on Monday raped the 19-year-old woman, and robbed the home, saying it was “because you are Jewish.”

Paris police

The report at the Algemeiner, doesn’t say how exactly the intruders got in but I can guess from this sentence:

The two were at her 21-year-old boyfriend’s parent’s home in the heavily-Jewish suburb, when the three masked attackers broke in, after the couple answered the door.

The key phrase is “answered the door.” Unless you have a security doorstop, as described in my book Home Invasion Prevention, you and your family are at risk every time you open the door.

You need to be able to open the door and still thwart an attack and a security doorstop does this.

I have one other suggestion for Jewish home owners. Take a moment to join the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership in the United States. Take my word for it; you need to do this.

‘Youths rush in;’ How did that Happen?

Three stories today, from Scarborough, Ontario; West Valley City, Utah and Laveen, Arizona. They’re all remarkably similar: a gang of young men rush in to a home and surprise the occupants in the middle of the night.

Here are the descriptive paragraphs, first Scarborough:

Toronto police are looking for five male suspects in connection with an armed home invasion in Scarborough early Thursday morning.

Police say they were called to a home on Caddy Drive, near Lawrence Avenue and Scarborough Golf Club Road, around 12:50 a.m. When they arrived, they found two victims in their 20s – a man with minor injuries and a woman who was not hurt in the incident.

Now, West Valley City, Utah:

Police arrested two men Wednesday who they say broke into a home with guns and baseball bats.

Around 3 a.m., West Valley police responded to a call reporting that three men with their faces covered came into their home near 3200 South and 3800 West carrying baseball bats and guns.

And Laveen, Arizona:

SkyFox was over the scene where seven people woke up to find two suspects in their home, dressed in black from head to toe.

There were four children in the home; 3 of them were young at the time of the home invasion.

MCSO said all were inside the home when armed men burst in between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Wednesday.

There are plenty of odd things about these three stories. The first is that whatever kind of door, or door locks, these individuals had on their doors, they were totally inadequate. A solid wood door with a deadbolt into an anti-kick strip will not simply collapse when kicked. You have to smash the door with repeated, heavy blows to make any dint in a secure exterior door.

Secondly, these folks clearly didn’t have a security doorstop to stop entry once the latch and lock were smashed.
Thirdly, they didn’t have an interior security gate, something my book Home Invasion Prevention explains in detail.
Fourthly they didn’t have a dog, or a gun, or both. Or pepper spray. Or a panic alarm. Or a lock on the bedroom door.
Indeed, like most people they just went to bed and got surprised.
If you buy my book, this won’t happen to you. Innocent, or guilty, you’ll be safe and secure while the home invaders who targeted you will be in deep, deep trouble.

New Orleans but an Old Type of Home Invasion

New Orleans may be the big easy, but not for a 75-year-old Irish Channel resident was robbed at gunpoint by two men who broke into his home yesterday evening.

The Uptown Messenger reported the attack only took two minutes:

The victim was at his home in the 700 block of Eighth Street (between Chippewa and Annunciation) around 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3, when his back door was kicked open and two men burst in, he said. One of them had a gun and said, “Give me everything you’ve got,” the victim said. When he did what they told him, they fled out the front door, he said.

This is the “Force” type of home invasion using one of the two most common entry points, the rear door.

The solution is to beef up all exterior doors with metal framing, solid wood, anti-kick strips and the like. It makes sense to spend money on entrances because attackers most often use doors as their means of ingress.

If you don’t believe me, ask any 18-year old of your acquaintance to kick in your door and use a stop watch to see how long it takes him.

This, and a lot more useful tips and explanations, are in my book, Home Invasion Prevention available in print or download at (and at

Common Types of Home Invasions

There are five types of home invasions of which three are by far the most common. These are Force, Deception, and Stealth. A person who is aware of how these play out will be far better prepared to meet them if they occur.

The Force type is the most frightening and the simplest. The home invader approaches the front or side door and simply kicks the door open. Most doors, even those with metal cladding and a properly installed dead bolt, will give way almost immediately.

The Deception Type is where the home invader approaches the front door and poses as someone wanting assistance; to use the phone or the bathroom or to get away from an attacker. The individual may be a young woman looking disheveled and panicky. You open the door and her accomplice, waiting around the corner, pounces.

The Stealth attack starts like a traditional burglary where the home invader enters quietly through an open window or after defeating a door lock. He then darts through the house and confronts the homeowners in another room, usually the bedroom.

There are two other, rare, techniques as well, but these are the three you can expect.

My book, Home Invasion Prevention, explains how to counter all five attacks leaving you and your loved ones safe and unharmed.

You won’t find this information anywhere else; I know I’ve looked.

Gunmen Looking for Grow-op Enter Wrong Home

Here’s a home invasion story ripped from today’s paper. A university student in her early 20’s was at her home in Kelowna, BC when she heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was her boyfriend, who’d been working late, she opened the door to find she was facing two armed men. They shoved her backward and commanded her to get down.

This began a terrifying ordeal while the men searched the house for a grow-operation they wanted to rob. There was no grow-op; they had the wrong house.

The woman, who was repeatedly threatened with death, eventually escaped, fled down the street and flagged a cab. Police were called; a sniffer dog took up the scent and the two men were discovered and arrested.

So we have a happy story, sort of, because this is how the woman recalled it in her victim statement:

“I have felt helpless and angry, wanting to die at times. It was really difficult for me to concentrate on work after the crime and to not work for six months following the event.”

In other words, the trauma lasted a lot longer than the incident. Note, the women said she felt “helpless” and “angry.”

This, of course, was one of the three most typical types of home invasion; a push-in attack. The solution to it is a security doorstop that allows you to open the door partway to see who’s there.

All this is described in detail in my book, Home Invasion Prevention. The story of the Kelowna woman, sadly, is just another example of why you need to take precautions.