The Principles of Protection

In the First World War, both sides developed lines of trenches stretching from the Channel to Switzerland. There was the front line trench with firing positions protected by yards of barbed wire. Then several hundred yards back, there was a secondary trench and further back, yet a third trench.

The idea was that if the enemy overran your first line of defence you could retreat to your second, and if the second, to the third. Even if all three lines were overrun, there were still options if you held the ends of the overrun lines. These could then be used in a pincer attack on the flank of the now exposed attackers.

Too much history? Well, consider what was going on in principle. The idea was that you assumed failure and made a series of contingency plans.

The same is true of a well thought out system of home security. There should be the first line; the exterior shell of the house, the front door, the downstairs windows. Then there should be a second line; an interior security gate or door. And finally there should be a third line; your bedroom door.

Most home security systems concentrate on the first, and most obvious, line of defence. You need to do better. You need to think through an attack in far more detail. You need a response for every failure in home security.

This blog, and my book, Home Invasion Prevention, will show you how to accomplish that goal.

Does this sound like too much trouble? Then, do nothing; you’ll have plenty of company, believe me. But if it doesn’t, then start now by buying my book, reading it, and taking the measures it recommends.

Yes, It Can Happen to You

Home invasions are happening every day and every night across North America. People who never ever thought they’d become crime victims are shocked and horrified to find they’ve been targeted. Rich or poor, famous or unknown, it doesn’t matter; someone or some people may decide tonight to break-in to your home, rape you and kill you.

home invasion cover

Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it right now, even if it’s 10:30 at night and the only tool you have is a screwdriver. Go and change the door latch from your bathroom with the one from your bedroom. After you do this, lock the latch. As silly as it sounds, people have saved their lives with a bathroom lock

The second thing is to place your car key fob beside your bed. Check to see if it’s close enough to your parked car to trigger the vehicle’s horn. If it is, and it should be, turn it off. Now phone your nearest neighbour and ask her if she heard it. If she did, tell her to phone the police if she ever hears it again go off for more than 30 seconds. Say you’ll explain in the morning.

Now go to sleep. You’ve done more in 20 minutes than most people do in a lifetime. You’ve become a survivor in this world, not a victim.

There’s a lot more, of course. In fact, I’ve written a book about it called Home Invasion Prevention you can buy from, in print or on-line.  I’ll be telling more about the book on this blog, and commenting on current home invasion crimes, in the months ahead.

You’ll be glad to stopped by this site. It could save your life.