The Fallacy of an Exterior Steel Gate

You can see these throughout the US Southwest; an exterior steel gate in front of the front door. I’ve seen them in Canada as well. In fact I walked past one a few minutes ago right here in Penticton. The fallacy of an exterior steel gate is that it won’t protect you if a bad guy is pointing a pistol at you. You’re already exposed and could shortly be dead.

To those who say, well yes, but what crook is going to shoot you if he needs you to open the gate? I say, any crook that shoots you first in the leg or somewhere else and then threatens to shoot you dead the next time.

Wouldn’t the home invader be reluctant to shoot you outside your door? What about the neighbours? There’s an answer to that too. The bad guy just needs to hold an empty plastic pop bottle over the muzzle of the gun to muffle the sound as effectively as a silencer.

So, no matter how you slice it, an exterior gate won’t protect you against a serious home invasion. What you need, and what I describe in my book, Home Invasion Prevention, is a security doorstop. This way you open the door five inches or so, the invader thinks you’re all that’s stopping him getting in, and leaps at the door. It stops cold and throws him back. You lock the door or simply run to an interior room behind–and yes here’s the same gate–a steel interior gate.

Then you can call the cops, get your gun out of its safe, and calm your heart thudding in your chest.

This combo, a security doorstop and an interior security gate is part of the layered defence outlined in Home Invasion Prevention. Buy the book and see what else you should do.

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