What if a Home Invader is Armed?

Here’s the threat you fear the most; a home invader waving a gun at you and demanding entry. What should you do? What are your options?

The answer is not what you’re expecting. What you should do is to act immediately as if he has no gun. Run at him, slam the door, throw something, scream . . . almost any action is better than inaction. There are several reasons why this is so.

The first one is that the home invader is trying to get moral control over you by merely showing you the gun. If he hasn’t got a silencer on it, or a pop bottle in his other hand, he’s going to be extremely reluctant to pull the trigger while standing outside. The noise will almost certainly draw attention.

Secondly, he really isn’t expecting you to act. He’s expecting fear and paralysis. He’s expecting you’ll do whatever he says. When you do act; he’s going to be really surprised.

Thirdly, it may all be a bluff. The gun may be unloaded, or even a realistic imitation. Plenty of people have been frightened into inaction by a fake gun.

What if it’s real and he actually shoots you? Good news; gang bangers are notoriously bad shots. Secondly, 9mm pistol fire has to hit something vital to kill you, like your face, neck or heart. You can absorb a lot of pistol shots and still be alive as many cases have shown.

Isn’t this risky? Life is risky. You’re going to hate yourself if the gang banger ties you up and rapes and kills your daughter. Believe me, action beats inaction, both at the time and later.

Of course, if you have a security doorstop, as I mention in my book Home Invasion Prevention, you’ll still have the door between you and the gun. It is a solid wood door isn’t it? That’s in the book too.

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