A Group of Four Men Kicked in the Door

What’s the most common, and easiest way to launch a home invasion? You guessed right, the front door. Yesterday, in Regina, Saskatchewan, the bad guys did exactly that.

Officers were dispatched to a home in the 1600 block of Retallack Street just before 6 p.m.

Police say a group of four men kicked in the door of the home and assaulted a man inside with a bladed weapon.

It is astounding how few people understand that a standard exterior door with a consumer-grade deadbolt can be defeated by a single kick. The problem is that the door itself is probably hollow and the striker plate is screwed into a prefabricated piece of flimsy trim.

If you don’t understand what I’m saying, have any young man of your acquaintance try to kick in your front door. Give him 20 dollars if he succeeds on the first kick, ten on the second and a fiver if it takes him three tries. Make sure you have a twenty in your wallet if you do.

The hard facts are that most exterior doors are an open invitation to home invaders.

What you need to do is to double up on your deadbolts and have them go into an “anti-kick strip.” This is a length of flat metal screwed into the stud surrounding the door with openings for the latch and two deadbolts. In addition you should also add reinforcing for the hinge side. A number of companies sell these components as a set, including Door Devil.

Even this, however, isn’t enough because the door itself is a weak point. Try to source a solid wood door, like this “speakeasy” model from Home Depot. This door won’t cave in and provides a covered viewing port to check your visitor before opening the door.

Are we finished yet? No because no matter how good the door, you’ll still need a security doorstop as described in my book, Home Invasion Prevention. Buy the book and get the full story.

You, your wife, and your family will be glad you did if some street thugs decide your home looks inviting.

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