Will Your Front Door Stand Up?

Front doors in most homes have a painted steel facing which gives the impression of strength and security. However, when someone is desperate and determined to get in, most don’t stand a chance.

broken door
Broken front door

This particular front door in Saskatoon was kicked in during a police arrest by the perpetrator, as reported by CTV News.

Note how the steel has broken like a Christmas cookie just below the latch. The story says the home invader did, in fact, gain entry so either this sprang the latch and deadbolt or the bottom half folded-in more than we can see. Either way, it goes to show how useless are most consumer-grade front doors.

If you want to see what this looks like in practice, scan the videos at kickproof.com.  One large black intruder kicks a door in facing away from it so fast you can hardly see it even when you’re watching the video. Kickproof has a number of solutions to reinforce your door, all of which are an improvement over what you have now.

A solid wood door is better and a perimeter steel or aluminum beam door is best of all.

You can get these and many more tips in my book Home Invasion Prevention available from Lulu.com in printed or electronic form.

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