How Bad Can it Get?

A suspect is in custody and a victim is recovering in hospital in Vancouver following a home invasion that turned into a brutal rape.

Rape suspect arrested in Vancouver home invasion
Rape suspect arrested in Vancouver home invasion

The few facts that have come our so far are disturbing in the extreme. a 25-year old man armed with a weapon entered a home on Hawks St. in the Strathcona neighbourhood just after noon, attacked the woman inside, tied her up and sexually assaulted her. The assailant was unknown to the woman. A Reddit user who witnessed the aftermath of the assault posted that the suspect cut off two of the woman’s fingers and cut her throat, leaving her in “shock and screaming.”

The screams were heard by a passerby who rushed in and forced the attacker to the ground, allowing the victim to escape. Other Good Samaritans came to help and police arrived to take the suspect away.

OK, that’s how bad it can get, but why did it happen at all? Reporters, who do a good job at finding the causes of aircraft accidents, almost never look into the causes of home invasions. Did the victim simply open the door to a knock? Did she leave the door unlocked? What was the means of entry? We don’t know.

However, statistically, the most common cause is the first one. Someone knocks on the door and the occupant opens it. The assailant then pushes in the door and closes it behind him before starting the assault. That’s what probably happened this time.

It would not have happened had the victim installed a security doorstop as described in my book, Home Invasion Prevention (also available as an ebook).

The reason most people don’t do so is that a) they’ve never heard of a security doorstop and b) they don’t think this kind of random assault will ever happen to them. Obvious it can, and did, to the unfortunate woman in Vancouver.

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