Another Example of “Yes You Can Shoot a Home Invader”

Gilbert Budgell, 55

Here’s the latest Canadian case where a homeowner shot, and killed, an intruder and will not be charged with murder or attempted murder. CBC has the story, via CP:

Gilbert Budgell, a Botwood homeowner who police say shot and killed a man who was invading his home, will not face trial for murder charges.

Crown attorneys have decided not to proceed with a second-degree murder charge against Budgell, citing a low likelihood of securing a conviction.

The charges were formally withdrawn Thursday morning in provincial court in Grand Falls-Windsor, where a preliminary inquiry was set to begin.

Crown attorney Karen O’Reilly said self-defence was always a “live issue that we needed to consider” in the case.

“What we’ve determined is that there is no reasonable likelihood of conviction, that we wouldn’t be able to prove that it wasn’t self-defence,” she told reporters after the short hearing.

Two men entered Budgell’s home on April 9, 2016 in what police described as a home invasion.

Police said one of the men was shot and beaten and eventually died of blunt force trauma to the head, according to O’Reilly. The other man ran away. The RCMP said they haven’t located him and are still looking for information from the public.

According to O’Reilly, the gun used in the incident was a rifle, which Budgell was legally allowed to own.

The Crown didn’t proceed because no jury in Canada will convict a home owner who defends his home. The Crown, the Government and progressives generally hate this fact, but there it is: the jury system is our defence in self-defence.

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